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 Spiritual Counseling — Shamanic Healing infused with IFS (parts work) and Family Constellation — Ceremonies — Energy and Reiki Healing — Shamanic Teaching — Spiritual Retreats

Call Eileen directly if you’re interested in Shamanic classes, Shamanic Soul Constellations workshops, or private sessions: 914-456-7789.
She is also available to lead classes or retreats for your group at your location or The Healing House.

Welcome, I’m glad you’re here! 

Are you ready to feel better? Are you looking for a safe space to do your work and learn to love yourself? I’ve been at this for a long time. I have a lot of love, compassion, experience and wisdom to share. Are you feeling stressed, depressed, anxious, stuck or stagnant? Don’t panic; it’s your soul telling you it’s time to do deep healing work.

There’s nothing I love more than helping people through their healing journey.

These unsettling times are triggering us like never before, activating deep-seated feelings of unsafety and uncertainty. These are powerful times to dig in and do inner work. We’re here to heal ourselves and learn to honor and heal our ancestors. We’re here to claim our destiny and identify with our Divinity. Bottom line—we’re here to learn how to love more, first ourselves and then others. Healing is not easy; but not healing is harder. Shamanism teaches the triggers of today are the clues to the unhealed trauma of yesterday. It gives us the tools to retrieve our scattered parts, unburden our suffering, and become capable of perceiving ourselves as the embodiment of the Divine.

Reveal it. Feel it. Heal it.   

My work is called Current Shamanism because what’s going on in our life currently; feelings of confusion, hurt, helplessness, hopelessness, anger, anxiety, depression, ‘stuckness’ are like signals from the unprocessed events from the past. 

We can track back along the electro-magnetic currents in our brains, journeying into the long ago; finding and healing the parts of ourselves that felt hurt, rejected, neglected, abused, or abandoned. 

These parts of us are like buried treasure! 

When we find them, befriend them, witness them and unburden them of the painful emotions and negative beliefs they have been carrying, they return our joy, our wonder, our gifts!  It’s like our own personal excavation work. 

Sweet liberation from suffering! 

You can learn to heal your heart. It takes some time and effort. It’s my passion and my joy to show you how. Thanks for showing up for yourself. I know it’s hard. I know it’s humbling. The first step in healing is asking for help. I hope you call me. I’m here.

SHAMANISM – Individual healing

Soul Retrieval

Is something missing? Do you feel blocked, listless, bored, ambivalent, depressed or stagnant? Are your relationships suffering? Do you feel ‘distant’ or spacey? Indigenous believe that the root cause of all disease is soul loss due to trauma or neglect. Soul Retrieval is a powerfully loving process of finding the lost soul part and returning it safely back into your system.  There is a renewal of energy and an increase of vitality.  Soul Retrieval is like getting a Vitamin Y.O.U.  

Cord Cutting

Is anyone ‘renting space in your head’ even though they are long gone from your life? Do you feel distracted by too many thoughts of someone in your life? Have you lost a person you love due to breakup, divorce or death, but find it challenging to let them go? Cord Cutting can help our energy field to free up from the ‘ties that bind’ us to people in our lives. Sometimes we can be unknowingly ‘leaking’ energy to others. It can be draining and depressing. We need our own energy to fund and fuel our own lives. The Cord Cutting Ceremony frees us up energetically. It can assist in grieving beloved ones crossed over. Cutting Cords on the human level helps our relationships to ‘uplevel’ to a higher vibration; bringing more light and love than ever.   

Energy Clearing

Imagine if you never vacuumed or dusted your house! Imagine the build-up of dust, dirt and clutter that would make your life feel heavy and miserable. The energy fields that surround your body are like the ‘spiritual home’ in which you live. 

Do you feel heavy, weighed down, or stagnant?

This could be personal work for you to do and/or it could be an entity or an ancestor that needs energetic clearing.

Most of us are unaware of the need for good psychic hygiene.  The Clearing Ceremony clears and blesses the auric field leaving you feeling, cleaner, brighter, better. Entities and ancestors are healed as well. The blessing that comes helps you feel cared about and loved by the Spiritual Realms. 

Chakra Clearing

Chakra Clearing through energetically scanning each center for blockages due to trauma or neglect can help us clear up old wounds that keep us bound to unhealthy behaviors or negative beliefs. What a relief!

Breathwork and Guided Meditation

Are anxiety and racing thoughts getting in the way of you enjoying your life? Is depression keeping you down? Are you having trouble sleeping? Are you quick to react with anger or hurt feelings? Do you feel powerless or helpless in terms of feeling better? Learning to work with your energy through simple breathwork can be lifesaving. The breath is our key to health and happiness. Learning simple techniques to quiet the mind and create moments of peace in your life decreases stress building confidence, resilience and joy.  

Shamanism – Teachings

Shamanic Intensive

Every September, Eileen beings a year-long intensive of Shamanic initiation into the lineage of the Q’ero from the Andes. Includes, teachings, transmissions, healing technologies and life saving ways of learning how to relate to the world of living energies all around and within us. Click here for more information.

Introductory Weekend Workshops

Every quarter, Eileen offers an introductory workshop in the fundamentals of Shamanic practice. You will learn:

  • The 7 sacred directions
  • The 5 elements
  • The 3 worlds
  • Shamanic journeying
  • Learning how to work with the rattle and the drum
  • Connecting with totem animals and spirit guides
  • Working with the energies of mountains, rivers and plants
  • Learning how to clear and bless people, places and objects.

NEW – Shamanism for Therapists, life coaches and healthcare workers

Eileen is offering a special program for those in the helping professions. Teaching professionals how to heal themselves, then how to work with clients in exciting and deeply transformative new ways. This is a 4 weekend a year commitment. Learn the fundamentals of Shamanic practice for your own deepest healing. Then learn how to share these teachings in support of others for the healing of their heart, soul and ancestral trauma. This training will be Internal Family Systems (IFS) informed. Mind and body healing is essential; Shamanism bridges us beyond the ordinary realm into the extraordinary realm of healing.


  • Does one part of you want to move forward in life, but another part feels too scared to try new stuff?
  • Does a part of you still feel angry about things that happened long ago?  
  • Does a part of you drive you so hard you feel depleted or exhausted? 
  • Do parts of you feel neglected, sad and lost?
  • Are you burdened by family dynamics and dilemmas? 

Internal Family Systems is a brilliantly effective psychospiritual model for working elegantly within your ‘internal system’ to identify, unburden and relieve old negative beliefs, self-loathing or self-doubting thought patterns and behaviors that do not serve your highest good.  You learn to access and utilize the compassion and curiosity innate within us all to excavate parts of yourself stuck in a suffering or defensive state.  Parts emerge into the light of love and understanding, finally getting their chance to be seen, heard, loved and unburdened of the heavy energy they have been carrying for so long. 

Internal Family Systems work is efficient, beautiful, powerful and dynamic.  You learn about yourself while you are healing.  Socrates said it best, “Know thyself.”  Knowledge is empowering.   


Guidance on key issues


Are you stressed out and finding it hard to relax?  Do you find it difficult to let go?  Hard to trust yourself and others?  Do you need a deep break from the daily grind?  Are you interested in connecting with Spirit Guides, Totem Animals and Angels in safe and sacred space? Reiki Healing is like your energy body sitting in a spiritual bathtub and soaking in positive energy.  It can clear heavy energy leaving you feeling brighter, better, relieved. Gentle, lovingkindness pours from The Universal Life Force into you, helping your body to rest, repair and relax. Ahhhh!  

Start with a free consultation

Beloved ones, call me for a FREE 20 minute consultation. We cannot do the deep inner work alone. We need a clear, kind, and compassionate container in order to feel safe enough to heal. 

Please reach out for a FREE healing consultation. Let’s talk about what you need. Until then, you are in my prayers. 

Call Eileen at 914-456-7789 or by email at xoeolovemore@gmail.com to schedule now.