Shamanic Soul Constellations

Shamanic Soul Constellations with Eileen O'Hare

First Saturday of each month from 10 am-5 pm
Next 2023 date: Dec. 2
Winter 2024: Jan. 6 • Feb. 3 • Mar. 2

Please join us the first Saturday of the month as we co-create a safe and sacred space in which to do our deep inner work in the loving energy of “Famunity.”  Come as a circle member to learn and participate, or do a full constellation for you and your family issues. 

It’s a beautiful way of weaving simple shamanic healing practices with the accessibility of IFS (Parts Work) and the deep wisdom of Family Constellations (Intragenerational Entanglements).

The Guides that shepherd my practice tell me that we all need Time, Attention, Love, Care, Curiosity, Comfort and Compassion. We need it now; and we needed it then, so long ago when for whatever reason, TALCCCC may not have been offered to us by our parents, siblings, teachers, etc.

Together, we’ll be compassionate, curious and tender as we explore the opportunities for shifting out of the discomfort of old roles or beliefs and into soulful relief! Everyone who attends is a precious conduit for the healing energy that moves through us all as a unified ‘knowing field’ of energy.

Some questions that will help us get in touch with a potential for healing:

• Who am I still upset with?
• What do I want or need for myself now?
• What part of me retreated, gave up or went away?
• Where does it still hurt?
• Why am I thinking thoughts that make me sad or angry?
• Who or what am I holding onto that continues to cause me pain?

We will gently and lovingly whistle to our shadows parts; inviting them to step out into the light. We will give them the good news—there are no bad parts! There is nothing wrong with us!

Shamanic Soul Constellations reveal and heal hidden dynamics within ourselves, our families, or other groups. Our issues are multi-layered and multi-dimensional. We now know from the study of epigenetics and neuroscience that the experiences of our ancestors (both positive and traumatic) shuttle through our DNA, impacting our physical, emotional, mental and psycho-spiritual wellbeing. On an unconscious level, we carry things outside of our normal biographical narrative. The bonds of life and love are strong and run backwards and forwards in time. As small children, we feel this great love and loyalty to the source of our life. Out of this blind love, we can become entangled in issues that don’t belong to us, but to those who came before. 

Through this practice, we are able to find clarity, revelation, and freedom from these unconscious entanglements. By widening our view, we can explore resolutions by including all those involved, becoming conduits of healing energy for our family soul.

To learn more about Family Constellations:
To learn more about IFS (Parts Work):

LOCATION: The Healing House, 11 N. Cedar St. Beacon, NY
EXCHANGE: $140 healing chair / $75 circle member (sliding scale available)
REGISTER: call or text 914-456-7789 or email

What participants are saying:

What an absolutely, incredible, beautiful, and healing Shamanic Soul Constellations! AND the energy shift was so immediately palpable while the effects continue to be felt and deeply appreciated! Eileen is a very skilled and intuitive facilitator who understands the power of circle and connections to deepen the total experience. Everyone is included and transformed on some level.

— Carol W.

I experienced Shamanic Soul Constellations at The Healing House and I feel privileged to have been included in such a transformative experience. It was one of the most difficult things I’ve done for myself – maybe even the MOST difficult. I felt like I was giving birth – only this time to myself. And I am going to love this child like nobody has ever loved her. It’s a week later and I still haven’t gotten my head (and heart) out of the clouds.

—Karen S.

Taking part in a Shamanic Soul Constellation event allowed me to see aspects of humanity that I didn’t even know existed. As I witnessed people’s lives change before my eyes, it was impossible to not be changed myself. I was skeptical and resistant walking into it, but that was immediately replaced by respect and compassion.I walked out in awe of the human spirit.


Eileen is a wonderful resource for those embarking on a healing journey. She blends her understanding of Shamanism, Internal Family Systems, and Family Constellations into an integral healing experience for individuals and groups.

—Lucien Schloss, LMHC

An amazing day of sharing, intimacy and transformation in a safe environment. Don’t hesitate to join! Eileen has unique, intuitive abilities that assist in creating clarity and change.

—Jane M.
Is the healing chair calling to you?
Everyone is welcome in our healing circle.

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