Monthly Family Constellations

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Movements of the Soul:
Family and Systemic Constellation WorkshopS

Led by Lucian Schloss, LMHC / Hosted by Eileen O’Hare
One Saturday each month from 10 am-5 pm

Next Worshop: Sunday, May 7, 2023

Please join us as we co-create a Family Constellation Community the first Saturday of every month. Come as a circle member to learn
and participate, or do a full constellation on you and your family.

Family and Systemic Constellations reveal and heal hidden dynamics in families, groups, and the individual soul. Our issues are often multi-layered and multi-dimensional. We now know from the study of epigenetics, that the experiences both positive and traumatic of our ancestors, impact our physical and mental well-being. On an unconscious level, we are impacted by things outside of our normal biographical narrative. The bonds of life are strong and run far back in time. As small children, we sense this great love and debt to the source of our life. Out of this blind love, we can become entangled in issues that don’t belong to us, but to those who came before.

Through the practice of Family and Systemic Constellations we are able to find clarity, revelation, and freedom from these unconscious entanglements. By widening our view to the origin of the issue, we can also find a resolution by including all those involved.

If you have curiosities or questions, please call Eileen: 914-456-7789