Healing Services


Individual Healing 

Our heart and soul yearns for healing in order to feel whole, healthy and happy.  And so Life brings us circumstances that invite us to grow up and out of old patterns from the past that trap us in behavior that no longer serves us.  Shamanic healing liberates us by tracking back and finding the ‘face of the original wound’.  We ‘Reveal it.  Feel it.  Heal it.’…more

Couples Healing

The energy of a couple can become snagged or stalled when either or both of the couple is suffering from a misunderstanding created in childhood.  Shamanic healing works to identify and then unhook us from old, old hurt that may be causing pain and suffering in our current relationships…more

Group Healing

When crisis occurs in families, groups of friends, co-workers or small communities it can be a struggle to stay together and grow from a challenging time.  A “Current Shamanism Healing Circle can be a profound way to shift the heavy energy of any situation…more

Ancestral Healing

We are born into this world through DNA gifted to us by both our patriarchal and matriarchal lines.  Recent studies are proving that trauma can be passed from generation to generation via our DNA.  Addressing and attending to ‘family issues’ in healing can assist us in activating healing for the ones who came before us as well as the ones who are coming after.  It’s a powerful contribution to the clarity of our species….more