Balancing the Masculine and Feminine energies on the planet is the crucial work of our times.  Coupling can be extremely challenging now as  partners move to love and be loved during this time of huge shift for our species.  Need some help?

If you find yourself at a place of impasse or intolerance with your partner please know that it’s a natural and essential part of the process of our evolution as spiritual beings.  And it can feel frustrating and intimidating to the human beings that we are!  First things first, each person needs to feel seen, heard and honored for their perspective.  So that’s where a healing session begins.

Working with Eileen invites couples to gaze at their situation from a uniquely compelling and effective place; an ‘energetic’ place vs personality place.  Everything is energy.  Each person in a couple and then the couple itself is energetic.  We each have masculine and feminine energies within our unique electro-magnetic systems.  As individuals we must understand where we may be out of balance before we can expect our relationships to have an equal and effective give and take.  Energy can get stuck through the clashing of core negative beliefs rooted in early childhood misunderstandings.  Our understanding of what Masculine and Feminine means has been severely skewed and gender limited.  It’s left us all reeling with resentment.

When the energy of our love is not flowing freely, we can fall into fearing the worst and tensions build.  Eileen helps couples unhook the energy that is caught in simple misunderstandings of the push and pull of the Masculine and Feminine.  It’s so much more than gender roles.  We can be blinded by deeply hidden woundedness, prejudice or simple fears, not able to see ourselves or our loved one clearly.  We need a safe and sacred space in which to unwind the poor programming we received from our family of origin, culture at large, schools and places of worship.  The world has lived in a state of imbalance for millenia.  The fact that we can find each other at all is amazing!

We are being called now to bring ourselves, our relationships and our communities back into balance.  We are called to come to understand the essential differences between the masculine and feminine and to respect these differences.  The masculine energy is created to express itself in productive, focused, ‘hunter/protector’.  It pushes. It penetrates.  The masculine appreciates the pyramid, hierarchy, the element of fire, thrust.

The feminine energy is created to express itself in creative, free wheeling, ‘gatherer/nourisher’.  It pulls.  It receives.  The feminine appreciates the circle, the cave, collective, the element of water, flow.

Both are precious, essential energies that bring wholeness to us all.

This starts with opening our hearts and being willing to allow our shadows to be seen first by ourselves and then by those we love and need to trust.  We invite the old hurt, fear, shame, blame, jealousy, anger, resentment, bitterness to come up and out into the Light of day.

Eileen uses the technologies of “Current Shamanism” tracking the “Current Symptoms” in the couple and then tracing them back to the places of origin for our understanding.  We may come to find that our partner was simply representing someone in our past.  We call them ‘hungry ghosts’.  We become clear that we are projecting our past and our fear onto our partner and learn how to release ourselves and them from the grip of misunderstanding, intolerance and disrespect.

Our relationships are all about us.   We learn to accept full responsibility for the quality of the relationship.  Maturing into a loving kindness that feels richer, more grounded and rooted in our own self love.

Eileen creates a safe and sacred space for each person to be heard, respected, supported, loved and held in the Light of Love.  Ceremony is performed.  Homework given.  Responsibility accepted.​