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Hey beloved ones,

From the beginning of my journey, I have been receiving powerful medicine songs from Spirit.  Each of them is a simple tune infused with the beauty and power of the angelic  realms.  Years ago, I spent a year and a half creating two CD’s for people into shamanic ceremony, prayer, ritual, meditation or journeying.  Last year, during a powerful journey, Spirit asked me to give my music away to all.  So here it is for you to enjoy, work with and share with others!  It’s offered to you in love with the prayer that it help you to heal as it helped me to heal.

The most powerful medicine song may be Show Me the Way.  It has helped hundreds of people imprint a powerful prayer into the psyche that they can pull out and sing or hum to themselves in times of challenge or stress.

I pray that these medicine songs are a powerful and beautiful force for you as you surrender that which no longer serves in order to step into all that you truly are!  I like to think of my life as one continuous healing ceremony.  And it’s never done!  We are constantly learning. Bless us all.

I consider this music the sound track of my healing journey! I love you. Thanks for doing the work!

Let me know how the music is working for you. And if you want me to come and create any musical healing events for you or a yoga studio or wellness center you know.

I am practicing receiving by adding a donate button, but money is not required! Feel FREE to download.  (ha!)
Love Love Love!


I Am That I Am Love – Clearing/Balancing/Illuminating our space (2:14)

Hey Ya  – Gathering Self/Invoking Spirit/Entraining our Hearts (10:23)

Spirit Of The Earth – Honoring and appreciating All That Is (10:59)

Show Me The Way – Praying/Surrendering to Love, Love, Love (8:21)

Shed The Past  – Acknowledging/Disempowering our Story (11:08)

Humming and Drumming – Healing/Rebalancing our Field (9:31)

The Money Chant – Raising our Financial Vibration (5:13)

Pachamama Song – Loving and feeling Loved by the Mother Earth (4:56)

The Highest Good of All  – Practicing Unity Consciousness (1:46)


          Apu Journey Song – Shamanic Journey into the Spirit of a Mountain for healing (15:57)

Wilka Mayu – Shamanic Journey to the upper world for guides and inspiration (17:40)

Women’s Power Dance – Shamanic Journey to retrieve power from soul loss in childhood (14:05)

Humming and Drumming – Shamanic Journey music for meditation of practice (17:42)

Love and Gratitude to the Water

Love and Gratitude to the Water – Prayer

Love and Gratitude to the Water – Chant Along

Love and Gratitude to the Water – Guided Meditation

If you would like to make a love and respect donation for the Love and Gratitude to the Water offerings: 

Here’s what people are saying about Love Love Love Happens by Chants and Shamanic Journeysongs:

“…an amazing collection of music”

“uplifting, inspiring, and compelling”


“angelic voice”

“…helped heal my wounds”

“I LOVE it.  The words speak to my heart.  Thank you so much.”

“sets my vibration higher”

“I start the day with Eileen’s chants and invocations”

“the musicians are superb”

“I am amazed at the energy and sensations of the journey”

“I was able to journey on the wings of the owl into the Upper World!”


    1. Beautiful Audrey!
      Thank you for this commment!
      This music is from the lineage –
      for the lineage!!
      Available on Amazon, CD-Baby
      and i-tunes. Thank you
      for spreading the word.
      I am getting the word out
      about Oscar here in Jan.
      Hoping to see you all!
      love to you!

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