Services & FEES

In all sessions, Eileen connects with Spirit on your behalf.  
In light, in love, for the highest good of all, all in accordance with the will of Creator.  Amen.

Individual Healing Sessions

FREE Consultation Session:  20 minutes
Initial Session (REQUIRED):  Two Hours, $250.00 includes:
Breathwork, guided meditation, Deep listening,
energy clearing, Spiritual Connecting, tracking, healing,
Guidance, Grounding, Homework and recommended readings
Follow up Sessions:  
90 min, $175 – INCLUDES:
breathwork, guided meditation, energy clearing,
Grounding, Tracking, Healing, Guidance, Homework
60 min, $125 – INCLUDES:
Breathwork, energy clearing,
Grounding, Tracking, Healing, Guidance
30 min:  Tune up, Checkin, Guidance – $75
15 min:  Questions – $35
Series of three (-15%) 90 MIN Sessions – $450
Series of six (-20%) 90 min Sessions – $900
Series of nine(-25%) 90 MIN Sessions – $1200

Unwinding the Mind, Healing the Spirit

Introductory Course – $300
Monthly Session (pay per week) – $150
Monthy Sessions (pay in full) – $1,800

 Sacred Teachings Weekend Workshop

Pay in Full-$333

Retreat at the healing house with healing sessions/ceremony with Eileen

Arrive at 1pm, check into your room and meet Eileen for a 2 hour Energy Clearing Session.  Spend the rest of the afternoon journaling, doing homework from the session, kayaking, hiking, walking in nature and enjoying the Hudson River.  Evening Ceremony with Eileen.  The rest of the evening is yours to explore all that Beacon has to offer: music, art, restaurants.  The next morning, your healing retreat culminates with a 2 hour Soul Retrieval Session with Eileen.  You will receive teachings for a 21 day integration process to process your work from your stay.  Follow up 30 minute phone session at the end of 21 days.

24 Hour Retreat- $650

Group Classes

Shamanic Journey Circle – $22btn_buynow_SM
Channeling & chanting Circle – $33
Women’s healing circle – $22btn_buynow_SM
 SASA Sound Meditation – $22btn_buynow_SM
Andean Death Rites – $333btn_buynow_SM
Andean STAR Rites – $333btn_buynow_SM

 Accommodations at The Healing House

Weeknight Night Accommodations – $65btn_buynow_SM
Weekend Accommodations (Friday Night Or Saturday Night) – $120btn_buynow_SM