IFS & Shamanism

A brilliant team for self-discovery and deepest spiritual healing!

Teaming Internal Family Systems ‘Parts Work’ and Shamanism is like updating the ‘Operating System’ in your heart and mind.  Imagine clearing your ‘psychic hard drive’ of old software and viruses.  Imagine shifting out of pain, confusion and overwhelm into peace, self-acceptance and self-love.  Imagine conflicted ‘Parts’ learning to work together, so you can move forward and achieve your goals. We can even identify ‘Parts’ that feel ‘more than just mine’ and heal ancestral patterns called ‘Legacy Burdens’ or ‘Ancestral Curses’. 

A series of healing sessions may be helpful if you are…

…in a time of transition, needing to break out of old patterns and move forward.

…stuck ruminating about the past or fearing the future.

…so depressed or anxious it’s hard to focus.  

…not able to stop self-defeating behaviors

…suffering from overwhelm, sadness or anger

…willing to get curious about your inner world and commit to your healing.

…curious about Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters, Angels, Star Ancestors and Totem Animals

…feeling ‘called’ to a higher vibrational way of living.



IFS is a like a map for our brains. 

It’s easily understood and relatable.  Founded by Dr. Richard Schwartz, Phd.  It teaches that our ‘Inner System’ has many ‘Parts’.  Some ‘Parts’ feel healthy and capable; others still feel traumatized by and trapped in the past.  ‘Wounded Parts’ generate ‘symptoms’ in our lives; so that we find the help we need to heal.  

Here’s why I love IFS: – it teaches the radical idea that there are no ‘bad parts’; and that ‘all parts are welcome’.  We are not here to ‘get rid of’ ‘bad parts’ of us.  ‘Wounded parts’ need our time, attention, love, care and compassion in order to feel safe enough to heal and reintegrate.  It’s so beautiful.  And completely attuned with Shamamic wisdom.  

Shamanism is like a map for our souls. 

It teaches that any ‘symptoms’ are due to imbalance caused by Soul Loss.  IFS tools help us ‘find, focus on and flesh out’ how, when and why Soul Loss occurred in our lives.  We can befriend ‘Parts’ and address their fears.  These ‘tracking’ sessions lead to Shamanic Soul Retrieval.  My Guides say the process is, “Reveal it. Feel it.  Heal it.” We are healing our way home to Self Energy (Source Energy) wholeness!  

All ‘Parts’ of us are held in Self Energy. (Source Energy) We can learn to access Unconditional Love within our own system.  What a relief!  

We work with ‘Wounded Parts’ in a safe and sacred space; approaching our ‘Parts’ with curiosity and compassion. We increase self-awareness by ‘tracking’ and ‘mapping’ our ‘Parts’ and their patterns.  We work gently and carefully with ‘Parts’ (Managers, Protectors, Firefighters, Exiles) that emerge during the sessions; renegotiating old beliefs and unburdening negative energies.  Finally, we reclaim and reintegrate our precious soul parts and the positive qualities they hold. We are held in the Light of Love at all times.  Source Energy, Ascended Masters, Angels and Ancestors are guiding us.  Beautiful homework helps the healing deepen and integrate between sessions.

I love IFS.  It’s worked wonders in my life!  It’s my great joy to share everything I’ve learned with clients and students who are willing to get curious about their systems!  Learn more at selfleadership.org.  



I discovered IFS when anxiety surfaced in an intimate relationship. Talk therapy didn’t help. I needed a spiritually based approach.  IFS is rooted in the truth of Self Energy (Source Energy), being at the core of us all.  

I found a compassionate, skilled IFS practitioner.  We found and healed ‘Parts’ of me that had developed in reaction to traumatic religious experiences in early childhood.  They felt ashamed; unworthy of love and respect in intimate relationships.  I was able to see that the young ‘Parts’ of me that craved relationship needed ME to love them fully.  I was able to step into the place of their primary caretaker. The old need for a relationship ‘to keep me safe’ fell away.  I was able to give myself the gift of my own time, attention, love, care, comfort and compassion.  I found the strength and courage to end the unhealthy romance.  Miracles abound.  Healing continues.  Self-Love is the answer!  What a relief!  

I found a simple, easy book that explained the basics.  I invite clients to get it if they want to learn more.  “Parts Work – An lllustrated Guide to Your Inner Life” by Tom Holmes, Phd.

Does this resonate with you?