Eileen O’Hare is a legacy carrier in the Peruvian Shamanic Tradition. Called to the shamanic path on July 4, 1996. Initiated in Peru 2004. She is a sacred priestess in the Andean Spiritual Tradition as shared by the Q’ero nation in the Andes in the lineage of Don Manuel Quispe and Don Benito Q’oriwamann.

eileen qero

Eileen is deeply grateful to her many teachers in the US and Peru. She honors all her teachers in both the visible and invisible world, and is especially grateful to those ancestors and Light Beings in the spiritual realms who have taught her so much and continue to test her so well.

Eileen also acts as a Channel of Love for the Angelic, Ascended Master and Grandmother realms. She has dedicated her life to spiritual transformation, study, spiritual healing practice and teaching. She is passionate about traveling to sacred sites to enact World Service Ceremony. During a World Service Ceremony at Mt. Mansfield, VT, Eileen was gifted the spiritual name ‘Love More’ by the Guides and Angels. She is grateful for this beautiful name that reminds her of why she is here and  what to do every day.


Eileen has a private practice in Beacon, NY and also works long distance. Her healing sessions are beautiful and powerful, assisting anyone ready to shift away from separation, pain and powerlessness into beauty, connectedness and empowering love of self and others.

Weaving ancient and modern healing practices into a powerfully effective ‘Current Shamanism’, Eileen helps clients track and retrieve lost power and lost soul parts, dismantle negative beliefs or emotional misunderstandings from the past and shift self-defeating attitudes or approaches to life into life enhancing intentions rooted in being and staying present.

Her intense love and compassion for clients creates a safe and sacred space for them to acknowledge, accept, embrace and reintegrate lost or deeply wounded aspects of themselves. Her favorite tools are unconditional love and acceptance.

Other tools can include: Sacred Sound, Intention, Prayer, Energy Body Healing, Soul Retrieval, Self Retrieval, Extraction, Journey Work, Chakra Clearing, Space Clearing of Places in the Past; Cord Cutting (from relationships that no longer serve us), Past Life Tracking and Completion; Ancestral Healing etc.  (For more information on any of these tools see Healing Services.) Each client is precious. Every session is unique.

Eileen offers shamanic workshops and ceremonies ranging from afternoon/evening/day/weekend long to the committed intensive, The Mesayok Medicine Spiral. Spiral is for those devoted to deep personal healing, planetary transformation and spiritual community.

She also co-created  The Andean Healing Energy Cards, a divination/teaching deck for Peruvian Shamanism.  She received and recorded the healing chant, Love and Gratitude to the Water, from the Angelic Realms. She offers the recordings as a gift to all as part of her soul mission.

eileen despacho cropEileen feels humbly grateful to be doing this work at this time of the Pachakuti, this time of tremendous shift and change. She considers herself a sacred Chakaruna, or bridgeperson, who helps to connect anyone willing to heal with other realms for the highest good of all.

In her past life in this lifetime (pre-1996), Eileen was an advertising and television writer. Her credits include the introduction of Elizabeth Taylor’s Passion Perfume, 2 seasons writing for Fran Drescher on The Nanny, a brief stint on Boy Meets World and a comedic screenplay, …And Then You Die optioned by Jason Alexander.


  1. You sound like a being full of light and healing energy. I’m in the process of learning to let go of betrayal and pain and learning to love myself. I need clarity on who I am after 20 years of teaching. I had to take an early retirement, as I could no longer do my job. I feel lost and confused. Some days are fruitful and others are painful. I’m looking forward to meeting you and becoming a part of the women’s healing circle. Thank you for all you do. 💕

    1. Hey Traci,
      So good to hear from you. I am at work all the time on shifting my energy when it is less than loving! Bless us all. Bless all the willingness to show up for ourselves and our growth. Bless us all for showing up for the fear, the shame, the pain, the blame. Bless us all for showing up for the joy, the harmony, the ecstasy, the humility, the resiliency and the learning. Looking forward to getting to know you better through the Women’s Healing Circle. We’ve been meeting every Monday night for 7 years! It’s a powerful portal for self love and planetary healing! See you soon, sister! Beautiful work you are involve in! We support you. We respect you. We are holding space for you!

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