Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine Crystal Rattles

Divinely inspired tools for increasing love, compassion and healing

What a joy to share this sacred sound healing instruments with you! 

Many shamanic traditions use rattles as tools to move energy. Eileen was called to make the rattles by the spirit of Mother Mary to evoke divine feminine energy.

The spiritually-attuned glass artists, Romina Gonzalez and Jason Bauer, were inspired to help co-create these unique, handblown glass rattles. We paid great intention and attention to every detail in the creation of each piece. 

The weight of the glass beads is 3.33 grams—invoking love, connection and trust—which create a heavenly, crystal clear frequency against the glass ball. It’s sound is beyond beautiful! Jason and Romina work together, co-creating in an elemental ceremony performed by the hands and breath of both the Sacred Masculine and the Divine Feminine, harmonizing earth, water, fire, air and space. Each lovingly-crafted rattle is grounded in manifest form, so that you can invoke the beauty, power and resonance of formless unity, love and compassion of the Divine Feminine. 

Use these beautiful rattles for:

• Increasing love, compassion and healing in yourself and in the world

• Cleansing and clearing the energy field of individuals, homes or groups with whom your work

• Quieting the mind; meditation, prayer and ceremonies 

• Calling upon the Divine Mother for compassion, serenity, Love, guidance, heart-opening

We are the heart and the hands the Great Mother invited to birth this instrument into the world. We trust that you will love the sound, the feeling, the experience of using the Divine Feminine Rattle. 

The Clear Rattle evokes divine feminine energy while the Gold Rainbow Rattle represents the sacred masculine. The rattles can be used separately or simultaneously.

Made from blown glass. 9 in x 3.5 in x 3.5 in

The Mother Mary
Divine Feminine Rattle (clear)

The Sacred Masculine Rattle
(golden rainbow)


Set of Divine Feminine & Sacred Masculine Rattles


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