Music of the spheres, Ghandarva, Heavenly choir, Angelic voices.  These are just a few of the celestial sound realms that are available for us to tap into everyday.  All we have to do is remember.  To hum.  To whistle.  To sing.  Sitting by the river.  Waiting for the light to change.  Putting in a load of laundry.  Picking up coffee.  Hum.  Whistle.  Sing.  It makes you feel better instantly.  It cuts off the incessant mind chatter and plugs us into another more potentially pleasant place inside of us.  Our heart center.  And it makes people wonder what’s up with you which distracts them from their incessant mind chatter and may be a win-win thing!

Creator made us to make sound.  Our torsos are like a drum.  The heart is the drum beater.  Our bodies are making sound all the time.  We put our hands over our ears and listen deeply.  There it is.  The sound of life itself coursing through our veins.

And yet we have abdicated the making of sound to the people on the radio, the personalities on TV, the professional musicians plugged in, revved up and far away.  We are leaving ourselves out of one of the most important aspects of our lives.  We are giving away our power.  We are allowing other people to have the conversations we need to have.  We are listening to pundits who are prejudice at best.  We are accepting other peoples music and never making our own.  We are sitting in front of the TV acting like armchair quarterbacks of our own creativity.

Make sound.  Your soul needs it.  Make sound that comes from the center of your being.  It doesn’t matter what it sounds like.  Just make sound from your heart of hearts.  The chattering sound that comes from your mind is disturbing to yourself and can be to others.  Recounting the ins and outs of your last frustrating transaction in life is not making sound.  That’s mind chatter that we let loose upon others like we let air out of a balloon.  And it’s okay.  Sometimes venting is the best we have to offer.  And yet, our heart of hearts yearns to make sound.  A real sound.  A true sound.  The sound of who we are.  Our soul is itching to get out there and be heard.

Hum.  Whistle.  Sing.  Pray.  Make sound that uplifts and upgrades the quality of the moment.  Drum on your kitchen table.  Snap your fingers in a sexy rhythm and see how it might make you want to dance with your husband.  La, la, la, la, la while waiting for the mortgage broker to answer your call about your closing date.

I hear you say your too self conscious.  Too shy.  Too tired.  Too cowed by your third grade music teacher who told you to pipe down and shut up.  And I say to you, do not let that be the last word.  Do not allow that music teacher to decide the quality of your life.  Let’s start small.  Open your mouth and breath.  Use a little more air than usual.  Listen to the sound of the air going into your nostrils.  Listen to the sound the air makes if you open your mouth wider and let it come out in a short blast.  Haaaahhh.  It’s music.  Music to your ears.  Music to the Universe.  The sound of your very breathing is music.

Sure.  We can be all twisted up in our psyches.  We can be poorly programmed by a stinky music teacher or impatient parent or mean spirited sibling.  But that was then!  And this is now!  Now we have a soul that yearns for Self expression.  We have a creative life to lead and we have all that creative energy in escrow.  Tap into the fund.  Pull it out.  Whip it up.  Sing!  Come on now, whistle.  We can do it.  Snap your fingers.  Hum.  Come out from behind that curtain of self consciousness and have some fun.  We deserve it.  I imagine Creator looking at all of us like we are a Porsche sitting still in the driveway of life, the keys left to rust.  God wants to sing!  God wants to dance.  God wants to hum and have fun and make sound.  In the beginning was the word…the sound!

Help Creator bring this world into being by making sound.  Toss some intention behind it and help Creator bring love and healing into being by making sacred sounds.  We are made for this.  Everyone of us.  It’s not a special gift that some have and some don’t have.  Everyone has the capacity to make life enhancing, get in touch with the music of the spheres sound.  We’re wired for it.  So let’s dust off those vocal chords and let it out!