How we choose to view our lives creates our reality.  We are that powerful.  And yet in the hustle and bustle of the everyday excursion we call life we forget to remember this crucial Truth.  How do you see yourself?  When you witness yourself seeing yourself in the mirror what is your first thought?  Your second?  Your third?  Can you stop yourself in that moment and see yourself as you truly are.  Truly.  See your eyes how deep and steady they can be.  See your forehead unwrinkled by worry or judgement.  See your mouth turned up slightly at the corners.

Seeing ourselves can be an intentional action instead of a fleeting hit from the inner critic.  How do we choose to see ourselves?  Do we continue to choose to see through the distorted and murky lens of childhood angst and morbid memories?  Or have we made the conscious choice to get current and try and stay as current as we can day by day.  Do we see ourselves supporting ourselves?  Or do we see ourselvesf running us ragged, putting us down, cursing us out?

I remember when The Guides who shepherd my spiritual practice spoke to me gently one morning about how I approached the mirror.  They pointed out to me that every time I look at my face my eyes go to a little white spot on the inside of my eye.  And then my gaze drops onto the aging spot on my nose.  Every time I looked in the mirror I was in the habit of seeing the imperfections and allowing that to make an impression upon me.  Wow.  Can you imagine the effect over the years?  They gently suggested that I break that habit and see the beautiful gifts that are right there for me to see every morning; like my hazel eyes with the well-used laugh lines!

We teach the world how we want to be treated.  We can teach ourselves how we want to be treated.  Our inner architecture determines our outter reality.   So I invite us to see ourselves a little differently today.  Let’s bring the light of conscious awareness to every encounter we have with ourselves.  How about we give ourselves a break.  What would happen to us if we spoke as supportively to ourselves as we speak to others?

There is so much love inside each one of us.  It’s simply covered up with the misunderstandings of the past.  Let’s get as current as we can by tracking our past and finding those bits and pieces of ourselves that harbor those perfectionistic tendencies that are hurting us.  And then let’s love them and  accept them.  That what they need.  Right now.  Currently.  That’s what we needed so long ago and did not get in whatever moment that caused the imprint of perfectionism.  We did not get love and acceptance.  We can give the gift of love and acceptance to ourselves now.  And then intend to stay current with that aspect of ourselves.  I invite us all to see ourselves as the beautiful son or daughter of creation that we truly are. Are you with me?  Let’s practice.  Practice.  Practice being good to ourselves.  Caring for ourselves, seeing ourselves as we truly are – beautiful works in progress.  Bless us all.