Space Clearing and Blessing

Space Clearing and Blessing for Homes or Businesses

When we live or work in spaces and the bump and grind of situations builds up or a specific traumatizing event occurs like a loss, theft, accident, fighting, death etc. heavy energy (think of ‘static’) can permeate the  energetic atmosphere of a place making it feel ‘unfortunate’ or even ‘unlivable’…more.

Disincarnate spirits of those who have died can also still ‘be present’ waiting for someone to assist them in fully crossing to the other side.

Space Clearing is like opening the energetic windows of an environment and ‘cleaning house’.  It’s like clearing static from your clothing.  Space Blessing is the setting of intention for the energy of each room, leaving the space ‘occupied’ with the power of your personal intention for its use.

The process is helpful for the occupants of the space to feel clearer, brighter, better in their occupancy.  It invites good fortune by the smoothing of the currents of energy in the place.

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