Despacho Ceremonies

The Despacho is a powerfully moving ceremony from the Peruvian tradition as practiced by the Q’ero tribe in the Andes.  It’s an engaging way to focus the power of prayer on a specific intention.  Everyone present offers prayers via objects that represent everything we are grateful for in our lives.

The ceremony honors balance, beauty, and all that Creator and Mother Earth give us.  Despachos are created to honor, celebrate or request any intention:  the joy of a wedding, a new home or business, the crossing of a loved one, an engagement, a new job, a graduation, a new relationship, calling out for new things, making amends etc.

Offering a Despacho helps any occasion be celebrated in a deeply spiritual and sacred way. We can release negativity we are holding toward self or another. We can call abundance, love or good fortune into our lives.

Eileen joyfully facilitates Despacho Ceremonies in her home or can travel to you or your family gathering.

Despachos can be burned, buried or offered to moving waters.



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