When crisis occurs in families, groups of friends, co-workers or small communities it can be a struggle to stay together and grow from a challenging time.  A “Current Shamanism Healing Circle can be a profound way to shift the heavy energy of any situation.  Eileen facilitates families with powerful healing circles during times of illness, separation, divorce, business trouble, and the crossing of a loved one.  She has worked with couples before their marriages clearing residual fears from past relationships from each partner before enacting their vows, new parents and families who have undergone a traumatic birthing experience, helping them regain joy and balance, couples who are having trouble conceiving helping husband and wife to clear their energy body in preparation for conception.  Her wisdom, kindness, gentleness and humor enable her to hold space for all with compassion.  Ceremonies are customized to the belief systems of the people involved.   She is honored to work with all spiritual or religious traditions that work in light and love.