Pleiadian Star Rites

We are the stuff the stars are made of.  We are an impulse of the big bang.  Reweaving our connection to our star ancestors illuminates our lives and increases our ability to love and forgive ourselves and each other.  Learn how to connect with the energy of the Pleiades in a series of seven ceremonies that enhance our lives and the way we are able to live them.  Ceremony, prayer, meditation, visualization and ritual combine to help us deepen our awareness of our own star nature and our ability to believe in our light and how it needs to shine in this world.


    1. Hi Irene,
      I will be offering the Star Rites
      this Spring. Making up the calendar
      next week. I will add your name to
      my list and be in touch! Looking
      forward to sharing the teachings with you!
      Love Love Love. So glad you were on the call
      last night!

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