We have all been making music from the very start of our lives.  The mmmm sound that first emergesfrom our infant self is our first musical expression.  We are communicating our pleasure to our mother.  She is delighted, of course, and wants to think it is the beginning of “Mama”.  In truth it is all about our soul expressing its soul song.  ‘Mmmmmm!’    ‘Mmmmmm!’  And then we learn to open the mouth and the vocable ‘Mmmmaaaaaa’!  is released into the world making our first sonic impression upon the planet.  Our very first song!  How beautiful that it could be understood as a song of praise for The Divine Feminine.

We are beginning the sonic journey that will continue until our last ‘Haaaaaa’ breath.  If we are lucky, our parents encourage and inspired this musical journey by singing softly to us as we sleep in their arms; playing sweet melodies from mobiles over our cribs.  Sound.  Music.  Song.  It’s life itself.  The outpouring of love and appreciation for Pete Seeger shows us how powerful simple songs can be, how much we take them to heart and share them directly from our heart.  We all have a voice.  Some of us have lost it.  I lost my voice at the age of 22 when a cruel musical director forced me to try and hit a note that I did not have in my register during a backer’s audition I was hired to do.  Every night I missed the note.  Every night I left the performance feeling humiliated.  I stopped singing for years believing my voice was ‘not good enough’.  I am ecstatic to tell you that shamanism helped me reclaim my voice and then the spiritual practice of kirtan healed my performance anxiety around sharing my voice.  Singing for Spirit – singing to uplift myself, my beloved sister Cat Guthrie and whatever roomful of people has decided to join us has become one of my greatest loves.  Our  heavy human energy can be released, expressed and healed through song.  Dear and Powerful Pete Seeger, thank you for all you brought into this world.  Thank you for every risk you took.  Thank you for every song you sang and so generously taught to us.  Thanks to you, we all have a song to sing.  And to honor you, ourselves and each other – we will sing that song all over this land!

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