Retreats at The Healing House

The sun sets.  All life rests.  When was the last time you allowed yourself to slow down, stop and recharge?  Nature is our teacher.  She is not ‘on’ all the time.  She works in cycles and seasons.  She exerts and then rests and renews.  She dances and then sleeps.  WE are nature too.  We need to retreat.  From computers, cell phones, texting, rushing.  We need to get away from work, family, friends, stressors, challenges, adventures.  Achieving balance is about learning to stop, drop into our heart and open to who we truly are. All the answers live within, in stillness we receive guidance and wisdom about how to move forward in our lives.

It is helpful to have an experienced ‘way shower’ when we are slowing, stopping and journeying within. Eileen has been holding space for people’s transformation for 20 years.

Stop.  Come.   Feel the loving embrace of Eileen and this place devoted to upliftment. Read, write, rest. Be in nature.  Hike Mt. Beacon. Sit with the Hudson River. Kayak. Recharge your body.  Give yourself the gift of your own time and attention.  And then check out Main St. Beacon for shops and restaurants, music and entertainment.

Eileen is available for Healing Sessions, Guided Meditation, Movement, Chanting, Prayer,  Processing. Other practitioners available for Massage, Yoga, Restorative Yoga.

Below, you can find links to each available listing which can be booked online or by calling 845-831-5790.

We hope to see you soon!

Restful Mountain View Retreat


Tranquil Retreat

Peaceful Retreat


Cozy Retreat


“Stay here to fortify in the sun light of Beacon and peace and kindness of extraordinary hospitality. A magical place.”

“Eileen was extremely generous with her time, and her home. I truly felt like I was part of the family. The ambiance is indescribable. There definitely was a soothing, calm energy that allowed me to focus on my work. I am a writer and with deadlines fast approaching, I needed to right place to summon my creative energies. Beacon is a great little town, and Eileen’s place made it really special. I highly recommend and look forward to trekking out to Beacon’s and Eileen’s again! You won’t regret it!”

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