Unwinding the Mind, Healing the Spirit

If you’re called to do deep healing work on yourself or others, this training is invaluable.  Eileen O’Hare, legacy carrier, says, “Nature and neuroscience are powerful collaborators.  We create deep and meaningful alliances with the world of living energies around and within us to fuel our moving forward in life.” 

This intensive offers a safe and sacred container for us to become aware of thoughts, feelings and actions that hold us hostage to self-defeating patterns and then call on powerful spiritual energies to help us shift. Change is tough.  Lasting change requires a loving teacher, effective teachings and a strong, loving community to hold us while we unwind the old paradigm and become who we truly are.

The use of Internal Family Systems and current neuroscience will infuse every circle with effective, science-based information.  These combined with ancient Shamanic techniques create a spiritual practice that is fun and truly effective for busy people in today’s hectic world. 

Circles include learning to work with the five elements, the four directions and the three worlds, journeying, ritual, ceremony, deep personal work, chanting, drumming, dancing, trips to local sacred sites, excursions to local river and mountain spirits and processing with lots of love, support and laughter.  

(Intro Course is a prerequisite for 2020 teachings)
Oct. 26, 27 or Nov.  9,10  Saturday, Sunday 10-6

The 3rd Saturday of every month from 10am-6pm beginning in
January 2020, continuing for 12 month.