“I just had an Amazing session with Eileen. During my session she played her new CD and I was able to journey on the wings of the Owl into the Upper World. I have never been able to journey in that form before.  I am still amazed at the energy and sensations of this journey. I will be processing the beauty of the experience. Thank you Eileen for sharing your gifts and being of service.” – Marilyn M.

“It is such an honor to have you for a teacher, healer, confidant and shining example of how to learn and grow in your truth and power. I feel truly blessed to have you sharing this ceremony and to be a part of this wonderful community. Thank you for being there for us and for the love and knowledge you so generously share with everyone.” –  Xo Barbara

“Your love enables the transformations.  You bring it out in us!”  – Jeffrey W.  Businessman

“You spread so much love where ever you go and touch the hearts of so many!”  – Lin.

“The transformation that happened for me was truly life altering. I am so grateful for meeting you, for being a part of the course and for being in this life at this time.  Thank you, Eileen, you are a gift and a treasure.” – Donna M., Therapist

“Your journey from advertising to musical theater to shaman is truly amazing.  You open hearts, lift spirits and help heal.  We need you as now you are in this world in our community, in our souls.”  Jonathan K.  Storyteller

“I am so very honored to have you as my teacher! Your light shines a round the world & far out into the Universe! I love, love, love you!”  Violetta, Opthamologist Tech

“In a short time, just a month, i have come in from the cold into your blessed aura, into a family of good hearts.  You inspire and encourage me to be who i am, by being who you are: earthy, heavenly, open.” – Nelson A. Psychotherapist

“I feel great, the past 21 days have been short of miraculous, would love to come see you again soon.” – Paola, Artist

“The five days of being immersed in Peruvian Shamanism was a profound time for me of healing, reconnection and discovery. Eileen is an extraordinary teacher and healer. She is a dynamic speaker; funny, loving and respectful, yet challenging and very real. Like no other experience I feel the continuation of the healing on a very deep level. I am so grateful.”  Annette C. – Administrative Asst.

“Knowing Eileen has changed my life, brought so much happiness and a deep appreciation for all the things around me.”  – Linda S. Company Owner

“I now have a daily practice!  just like that!  I roll out of bed and onto the floor by my bedside and do prayers and yoga and open my portals and the flow of sami and release of hucha to pachamama.  It’s feeling delicious!” – Sue B. Social Activist

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