Space Clearing and Blessing

The vital energy of the places in which we live and work needs to be harmonious  for our health, happiness and success.  The energy of homes and businesses can become heavy due to the negativity of human beings who live and work in them now or in the past.  If your family has experienced significant trauma, everyone may feel better from the house being cleared of heavy energy from the incident.  The energy of  land can be dense if it includes ley lines that are not in harmony or people have disrespected the Spirit of the Land. If you are feeling tired, cranky, listless, sad, sick, angry, despairing etc. perhaps the heavy energy in your home or business is contributing to your lack of vitality.   Tracking and clearing the energy of your home, your office and/or your land can contribute to everyone in your family and/or business feeling and doing better.  It is powerful to do anytime, especially before selling your house, moving into a new home or changing or renovating office environments.  Love and respect exchange agreed to before hand based on size and range of the work to be done.

Eileen helped us begin our new life in a mindful and powerful way. After clearing the home we were leaving, she sat with us and tapped into the core ideas and wishes our family wanted to have in our new space. I felt invisible strings to our old apartment lovingly cut and the new spirit of hope and rebirth come alive in each room of our new home.  I walk through the rooms where we now live, and I feel love, laughter, creativity and peacefulness echo in harmony with the life we are living here.
Stacey, Artist, Art Teacher

When some fellow health practitioners and I opened a space for our practices, we wanted to start off our new endeavor powerfully. After a thorough cleansing of the space, Eileen led us through a beautiful series of ceremonies: we used a Fire Ceremony to clarify what we were excited about and burn up our fears; we also spent a beautiful, contemplative time together making a gorgeous Despacho that we buried outside our front door. Eileen not only helped us own the space, she helped our group bond further in declaring our intentions together. I can’t think of a better way to begin a new business!
Kate, Massage Therapist


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