Private Healing Sessions 

Imagine feeling safe, being listened to, cared about and held in a sacred space of beauty, power, light and love.

Imagine feeling connected to something greater than yourself, learning how to treat yourself with the care and compassion, respect and dignity all beings deserve?

Imagine feeling lighter, brighter, better than you have ever felt because you took the time and made the effort to heal patterns of thought, feeling and action that are keeping you from being who you truly are.

Imagine feeling relief, joy, peace.

Imagine liking yourself. Loving yourself!

Yes, we can!   

‘Reveal it.Feel it.  Heal it.’ 

Eileen is a deeply intuitive and skilled clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient healer; schooled in the mystical healing tradition from the Andes, certified in Internal Family Systems and steeped in the wisdom of the Enneagram. 

She is spiritually rooted in Christed Consciousness while inspired and infused by deities, divinities, tools and techniques from other ancient wisdom traditions. She is devoted to Christed Consciousness while being inspired and infused by deities and divinities from around the world. 

She is led and guided by Spirit, calling upon the healing power of multiple healing lineages and her spiritual allies including Ascended Masters, Saints and Angels, Starbeings and Ancestors. All healing is done in Light and Love for the highest good of all, all according to the will of Creator.

A healing session begins and ends with you sharing your truth. Eileen listens deeply to you on all levels, assisting you in naming and claiming the healing at hand. Her keen insights lovingly delivered can cut through the fog of confusion, depression and anxiety. She then uses multiple shamanic techniques to facilitate the clearing, rebalancing, harmonizing and illuminating of your energy.

She opens a safe and sacred space and uses sound, divination, ritual and prayer.  Every ceremony culminates with surrendering all that occurred to Source, ensuring all is for the highest good. She gives effective homework so that the healing continues for weeks after each session.

You leave feeling renewed, refreshed, clearer, brighter, better. Eileen’s intention is that each client feels deeply loved, respected and empowered in their ability to help and heal themselves. She is a spiritual teacher as well, so you may benefit from her sharing spiritual principles and practices to further assist your clarity of mind, heart and body. 

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A two hour healing ceremony begins with Eileen welcoming you into the Healing Space at The Healing House.  She guides you to ground and center your energy then cleanses your auric field.  She makes herself available as a Channel of Love on your behalf.  She listens deeply to all that you feel called to share while being informed by The Guides and Beings of Light that shepherd her practice.  She asks questions that illuminate opportunities for healing. She tracks your “Current Circumstances” and then tracks your past in this and other lifetimes following the charge of  “Current Symptoms”.   Eileen uses ancient and up-to-this-very moment “Current Shamanism” techniques to facilitate clearing, rebalancing, harmonizing and illuminating your energy.  Rooted in deep prayer, every ceremony culminates in surrendering all that occurred to Source, ensuring all is for the highest good.  After the ceremony, you process all that you and she experienced and discuss how the healing can continue to integrate through simple home work.

Sometimes loved ones who have crossed may come into the ceremony.  Eileen facilitates the connection between you.  It can be a powerful experience of forgiveness, love and understanding.

HEALING SESSIONS can include: Energy Body Healing, Soul Retrieval, Self Retrieval, IFS, Enneagram, Power Retrieval, Journey Work, Energy Clearing of Places in the Past, Cord Cutting, Ancestral Healing, Past Life Clearing and Completion, Sound Healing, Divination, Soul Journeying, Entity Extraction, Soul Contract Change, Blessing and Sacred Transmissions from Etheric Lineages, Guided Color Visualization, Chakra Clearing, Harmonizing and Balancing, Spinal Release, Crystal Clearing/Blessing, Christed Grid Crystal Activation, Fire or Water Ritual, Spirit Walking and Talking!

Energy Body Healing~ Working with sound, intention, prayer, and directed Source Energy.  Attending to a particular part of the body that is expressing symptoms and/or clearing, balancing, harmonizing and illuminating part of the auric field, (i.e. chakras, emotional body, mental body, pain body etc.)

Soul Retrieval~  Eileen journeys on behalf of the client in order to find and retrieve a part of the client’s energy that has split off due to unprocessed trauma. Indigenous healers believe that all illness begins with soul loss.  Soul loss can occur at any time in our life due to abuse of any kind, physical injury, emotional trauma, loss, abuse, neglect, grief, intense anger, jealousy etc.  Any trauma that has not be genuinely resolved keeps attempting to be healed by recreating circumstances that recall the original trauma.  We keep repeating patterns in our lives because our soul is yearning for resolution.  Soul Retrieval is a powerful way to bring issues to an organic closure and can lead to celebration of a whole new way of approaching life.

Self Retrieval~  Being gently invited and guided to identify and reclaim energy and power from the memory of a stressful or traumatic time in our lives. Celebrating this reclaiming of self through ceremony with the ancestors.

Power Retrieval ~  Retrieving energy client may have lost or given away, either consciously or unconsciously, to people, places, or situations in order to gain love and approval from anything outside of ourselves.

Internal Family Systems (IFS) Techniques ~  focusing on certain ‘parts’ of our personality that may feel ‘lost’, ’stuck’, ‘burdened by old patterns or beliefs’, ‘angry’, ‘sad’, ‘depressed’, ‘anxious’, ’not good enough’  etc.  We assist these parts in coming out of the ‘past’, healing from old wounds and reintegrating into this present moment of now.  Sweet relief!  Eileen offers homework for welcoming these parts ‘home’.  IFS work is truly transformative!

Enneagram work ~   Eileen helps clients explore old patterns via this ancient system of understanding personality types.  This can be a game changer in facilitating self acceptance and self love.

Journey Work~ Shamanic Journeying to the Upper World, Middle World, or Lower World in order to access guidance for your life, power, wisdom, healing, Spiritual Teachers or Guardians.

Upper World ~  (Source Energy, Mother/Father God/dess, Sun, Moon, Sky, Stars, Angels, Ascended Masters, Grandmothers and Grandfathers, Saints, Mystics, Rabbis, Gurus, Prophets, Spirit Guides, Totem Animal Spirits, Sacred Ancestors, Rainbow Nations and Star Tribes, Sacred Inca Lineage, Upper World Guardian, all Holy Ones.)

Middle World ~ (Spirit of the Mountains, Trees, Stones, Rivers, Oceans, Seas, Plants, Spirit Guides, Totem Animals, Middle World Guardian)

Lower World ~ (Spirit of Unfinished Business, Spirit of all that is underground, the unconscious, lost soul parts, lost power, plants, streams, water table, landscapes, caves, Lower World Guardian)

Energy Clearing of Places in the Past:  Journeying back in time like angels from the future.  Using sound, intention, prayer and crystals to clear places we have lived or worked in the past that are still holding our energy.  This is a deeply powerful healing technique that can free you to move forward in remarkable ways.

Cord Cutting:  A beautiful ceremony using sound, intention, prayer and crystals to cut the energetic cords with people, places or things that we perceive as holding us hostage or keeping us bound.

Ancestral Healing: Working through the DNA with intention, light and love, we send prayers of healing and clearing to our matrilineal and/or patrilineal ancestors.  Sometimes the ancestors come through and share information about the ancestral wounding.

Past Life Tracking and Completion:  Tracking a past life (karmic ancestor) that has not crossed and is still impacting life in this third dimension.  Past lives are tracked, healed and crossed to the light by invoking spiritual entities devoted to the work of assisting lost souls.  Apus, Archangels, Archtypes, Ancestors, Ascended Masters etc.  It is important to heal and cross the karmic ancestor so that completion in the energy body occurs along with emotional and psychological closure.  Homework is given to understand the impact the karmic ancestor may have had on this “Current Lifetime”.

Entity Extraction:  The removal of energy that has gone beyond the state of crystallized or stagnant energy and has taken on a life force of its own, such as the extraction of a disincarnate spirit who has attached to the auric field of another.

Blessing and Sacred Transmission from Etheric Lineages:  Bridging the client with a sacred lineage in order for them to be blessed, receive a healing, or gift from the healing realms (i.e. Sacred Inca Lineage, Grandmothers, Angels, Ascended Masters, Saints, Mystics, Spirit Guides, Totem Animals).

Soul Contract Change:  Identifying soul contracts that are no longer serving the client, and creating a new soul contract with which to continue our evolutionary spiral.

Guided Color Visualization:  Gently guiding the client to imagine themselves working with specific color frequencies that clear, balance and harmonize the energy field.

Chakra Clearing/ Harmonizing/ Balancing/ Illuminating: Working with one or more chakras to cleanse them of dense energies that prevent them from working optimally, harmonizing the energy by calling on powerful archetypes of the Peruvian shamanic tradition, balancing the masculine/feminine polarities, and finally, illuminating them with Source Energy for the highest good of all.

Spinal Release:  A beautiful and gentle guided meditation that invites the entire spinal column to release tension that may have been held since birth and return to its innate and organic wisdom.  If you are tired, ill, angry or frustrated – this is a beautiful, loving and relaxing healing.

Crystal Clearing/Blessing:  Using double terminated crystals to clear individual chakras or issues.

Obsidian Clearing:  Using multiple obsidian healing stones for pulling heavy energy out of the energy body.

Christed Grid Crystal Activation:  Using an 88-sided double-terminated crystal to connect with The Christed Energy Grid, which serves as a powerful and beautiful hook-up for those who are committed to evolving toward unconditional love, love, love.

Fire Ceremony: Enacting a powerful fire ceremony to celebrate our healing and offer prayers to Creator.

Water Ritual: Enacting a beautiful cleansing of the hands, feet and face to surrender the energy around anything which has made us feel less than loved.  A powerful ceremony for those who have been abused and want to feel clean and clear.  A reclaiming of our inherent and never lost Innocence, Purity and Trust.  Learning how to use the element of water in a sacred way for our highest good.

Spirit Walking and TalkingThe simple and powerful act of walking in nature is a powerful healing tool when enacted with intention.  Eileen listens while you walk and talk together. She facilitates a deeper connection between you and the place in nature.  She shares simple energy techniques so you walk away with a greater awareness of the living energies all around us and a deep sense of connection to All That Is.  Eileen is available in and around The Hudson River Valley.  Sacred healing hikes to a mountain, river or waterfall.  A love and respect donation depending on place and duration of the hike is agreed upon before embarking.

Sound ~  The use of rattles, drums, humming, singing, chanting, toning, tuning forks, crystal or metal bowls to move energy in and around the physical and energetic body.

IntentionThe surrendering of all to Source Energy ensuring that all healing taking place is for the highest good of all.  Inviting the infinitely healed state of the client to be present in this infinite moment of now which connects the session to the organic wholeness​/wellness of the client.

Prayer ~ Calling upon all those who work in Light and Love from the Upper World, Middle World, and Lower World for the highest good of all, in accordance with the will of Source/Mother/Father God/dess.  Inviting all healing lineages to be present.