Soul loss can begin when we are in the womb.  Sometimes due to birth trauma or other karmic events the whole energy of a newborn does not express itself fully into this incarnation, leaving the baby with symptoms that move forward into childhood and the rest of life. The feeling that ‘something is missing’ can permeate the life experience.  This feeling is, in fact, aspects of our own energy that we need in order to feel whole, complete and fully in our bodies.

Children can exhibit symptoms of discomfort that seem inexplicable to mystified parents.  A particularly difficult birthing experience can traumatize both mother and child, leaving both with soul loss that needs attending.  Imagine a girl soul hearing that her parents are yearning for a boy baby.  Imagine how it feels getting taken away from your mother and place in a Neonatal unit and placed on antibiotics.  Just the hustle and bustle of being born can ruffle our feathers!

Gazing back on childhood we can feel that nothing particularly stressful happened to us.  And yet, even when we are generally well fed and cared for, issues can imprint into the auric field by simple misunderstandings.  A bottle dropped from a crib and not picked up and given back can feel life threatening to a helpless one-and-a-half year old.  Any trauma — whether physical, emotional or spiritual — left unresolved can leave an imprint or wound in the auric field.

First day of school trauma, grammar school learning issues, junior high school rejection, senior high school social inadequacy, college SAT’s.  No child left behind, push, push, push.  Childhood is tough!  And kids need help.  Energetic intervention can assist kids in integrating lost aspects of their energy body, mysteriously resolving behavior that no traditional therapy may be able to address.

With babies and young children under 10, Eileen works with their energy at a distance after they have gone to sleep.  She emails the parents the notes from her session the next day.  Parents follow up with her noting shifts in behavior and establishing if more work may be necessary.  With older children and teens, work may be done at a distance or in person depending upon the comfort level of the child and the guidance that comes to Eileen regarding their highest good.


Eileen helped me and my family find balance and ease when we were experiencing a challenging unique time in our changing family.
Eileen held a beautiful drum circle of our friends and family to help support us as our foster daughter, who was with us for a year, transitioned back to her birth mother.  At the very same time the powerful chanting and drumming welcomed our newly adopted son from Ethiopia.
Eileen’s grounded spirit held a sacred space for us to safely experience our sadness of losing our daughter, and feel complete joy with excepting our son into our family.  We are forever grateful!


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