Women’s Healing Circle

The white gloves are off!  The mantles have been torn away!  The voices are up and out and we are heard!

WOMEN’S Healing Circle is a celebration of our collective female power.

Monday nights. 7-9:30 pm  The Healing House 11 North Cedar St.  Beacon, NY.

Every Monday night a devoted group of women gather to heal themselves and the world through reclaiming the power of the female voice.  We chant, we share, we harmonize, we process.  We pray together for ourselves, our sisters and the world.  All faiths are joyfully welcome.  WCG has been meeting for five years providing love, support, hope and strength to anyone who comes with open heart and willing mind.

February, a different aspect of the Divine Feminine is introduced.  The sacred qualities ascribed to this aspect of the Divine Feminine become our intention.  She becomes the focal point for help and healing.

This is not a ‘church-y’ chanting group!   The group chants for liberation of heart, mind and body.  Members are welcome to share their deepest truth as well as their darkest fears.   The blend of voices can be exquisite and angelic.  Sometimes the sound reflects our suffering, our anger, our hurt, our feeling of betrayal.

Laughter peals, emotions surface.  Acceptance flowers.  Self love ripens.

Each night the energy moves in whatever way the group needs for the Highest Good of All.  The circle holds the space and everyone heals.

$20 love and respect donation.  Money never an issue.

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