Personal Empowerment: Freedom Fighters

The information we receive in early childhood sets us up for our life’s struggles that ultimately become our soul’s journey.  Coming into conscious awareness of where we are holding onto negative beliefs about ourselves, our life story or the world at large frees us up to make choices that are life enhancing for our current circumstances.  That was then; This is now.  Now we need to make deep and searching self inquiry to find where ‘the prescription pad’ that our parents, schooling and early environment foisted upon is no longer valid.  Learn to step out of the old ways and into a brave new beginning of feeling and acting sovereign in your own body, mind and spirit.  This is YOUR life.  Come learn how you can live it YOUR way liberated from the internal shackles of the past that have held you in limitation or lack.  Learn to use writing, physical expression of emotion, movement, meditation, visualization and ritual as the ‘freedom fighters’ they are when used with the power of collective intent.

2 thoughts on “Personal Empowerment: Freedom Fighters

    • Hi Jackie,
      I am setting this class up now.
      I will let you know.
      In the meantime – I invite you to come
      for an individual session where you and
      I can work one one one with your past
      and how ‘Freedom Fighters’ can help
      free you up. Also, I have my intensive
      starting this September. Once a month
      for 16 months. It is a deep dive into
      personal healing while learning
      how to connect with Spirit for upliftment
      and personal empowerment.
      Mesayok Medicine Spiral 11.
      Be in touch if you are called
      to either of these opportunities.
      Would love to work with you!
      My home phone:
      I have added you to my email
      list for further info,
      classes and offerings.
      I am teaching in New Milford, CT
      this Sunday. 2-5 pm ahYoga.
      $55.00. You are welcome!
      A beautiful healing circle.
      Love to you today, Jackie.

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