Connecting with Spirit Guides, Totem Animals, Angels and Masters


Learn to journey to the Upper, Middle and Lower Worlds to connect with the beauty, power and inspiration of the invisible realms.  Each of us is blessed with many currents of energy that are devoted to shepherding us in this incarnation.  They appear in the form of Spirit Guides, Totem Animals, Angels, Sacred Geometries or Ascended Masters, etc.   They are here to love us, guide us and serve our soul mission.  We are loved beyond measure and supported every minute of everyday and night.  Connecting with the ones dedicated to our conscious evolution is empowering, enlightening, liberating and fun!

Bring a blanket, eye pillow, notebook and water bottle.  We will be lying down inviting the spirit of the drum, rattle or music to take us where we need to go in order to connect with what we are meant to experience.  No experience necessary.  Experienced journeyers welcome.