Andean Death Rites

Dying is a spectacular opportunity to evolve.  Learn how to energetically attend to those who are sick or dying.  It’s a powerfully loving and compassionate way to serve your family and your community…more

Connecting with Spirit Guides, Totem Animals, Angels and Masters

We are never alone!  Beautiful Spiritual beings of Light and Love are with us waking and sleeping.  Learn how to connect with, ask for and receive love, help, guidance and insight from the powerful invisible realms…more

Cosmic Element Rites

We are a part of a vast cosmic intelligence made of elemental energies.  Global elemental energies like the fire of the Sun, the Waters around the globe, the Earth underneath our feet, the cosmic winds of Air and the blessed Space that we are swimming in are hugely powerful resources for us.  When we learn to connect with these macro forces of nature consciously and directly, we grow our personal capacity for living life to our fullest potential…more

Current Energy Healing

We are transmitters of energy.  When we choose to heal ourselves and others, we learn how to direct and run energies from the world of living energy all around us. Knowing how to ‘plug in’ to energy greater than ourselves for empowerment provides us the ‘juice’ to shift out of that which no longer serves and into the highest good of all…more

Mesayok Medicine Spiral

Are you yearning for great change in your life?  Does the idea of having a beautiful and loving spiritual community appeal to you?  Are you deeply interested in healing yourself, others and the planet?  Take a spin on the Mesayok Medicine Spiral and become a cherished member of a vibrant healing community in Beacon…more

Pleiadian Star Rites

The Mystical Healing Tradition from the Andes believes that we are sourced from the stars.  Learn how to work with the energy of the Pleiades to bring beauty, balance and increased Light and Love into your life…more

Shamanic Journeying

Do you sense or know there’s more to life than merely the physical world around you?  Would you like to learn how to connect with invisible realms of beauty, magic, mystery, power and light?  Learn how to journey to the Upper World, Middle World or Lower World for guidance, love and information…more

Medicine People throughout time believe that all disease can be ultimately traced back to soul loss.  Soul loss occurs during the time of unresolved trauma.   Soul Retrieval is a powerful modality where client and practitioner release themselves from space/time reality and journey to find lost soul parts.  Learn this step by step method that brings deepest healing and compassionate resolution to trauma by finding and returning parts of ourselves that went ‘missing’ or ‘into hiding’ long ago…more

If you are interested in bringing any of these classes to your facility, community or small group gathering, please email or call/text 914-456-7789