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BlisSing is Cat Guthrie, Eileen O’Hare and friends gathering to chant the names of God from the world’s spiritual traditions.  BlisSing is a short cut to deeply transformative states of consciousness.  It’s like a deep, deep dive into the yumminess of All That Is.  Come and sing with BlisSing!



edit-38BlisSing is at home at YogaSong Studios at 27 Travis Corners Road, Garrison, NY the 2nd Sunday of the month from 6-8pm with pot luck.  BlisSing performs regularly at PranaMoon Yoga in Peekskill, NY, Liberation Yoga in Mahopac, NY.  Check their websites for upcoming events.  BlisSing also performs at Wellness or Spiritual Centers, retreats, and outdoor events in the Hudson River Valley.  BlisSing is available for your public event or private wedding.  It’s so uplifting!  Call 914-456-7789 or email  For more info and calendar go to:



“Wow. I am in awe with what you have created Rev OHare. All those people who’s lives have been positively impacted by you. From corporate America to the spiritual world, great great journey/job.”  Robert M.  Politician


“Your energy is like confetti.  So up and full of enthusiasm…A celebration…You’re like a party on this planet.”  – Peter I.

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