August 2023 WORKSHOP

family ConstEllations &
Language of the Soul Workshop

with SHAVASTI (revered teacher/author John L. Payne)

August 4-6, 2023
Hosted by Eileen O’Hare at The Healing House


There is nothing more certain than the truth of our very own heart; and nothing more liberating than the truth of our very own existence.  Imagine participating in a workshop in which you are guided to uncover this freedom that is innately yours.  

We can, without knowing it, carry the heavy burdens of past generations and be loyal to those who’ve suffered. The foundation of this workshop will be Family Constellation movements, allowing us to look at our lives and resolve issues without masks and pretenses. This powerful way of working will not only bring such hidden loyalties to light, but give us the tools and support in the moment to liberate ourselves. 

Each of us desires connection not only to our authentic and radiant self, but also deeper connection to others:  family, friends, partners, nature, life itself.  As we come together in this intimate gathering of souls, connecting to ourselves, our origins and each other; we see that our lives really matter. We feel the difference we can make in the lives of others as we open to experiencing the truth of who we are, and therefore the truth of the world.  We recognize that what matters most is connection. We realize the contribution we are making to life through our ability to connect. 

In working with several thousand family systems, Bert Hellinger has uncovered what he describes as the age-old Orders of Love, which are deeply embedded in the unconscious of family groups. This forgotten knowledge, rediscovered and refurbished, is so compelling that it can change people’s lives. Disturbances to the Orders of Love in previous generations will inevitably affect the lives of both concurrent and future generations. When this profound influence is understood, individual suffering is revealed in a whole new light—and so is healing. This work shows how love, even when damaged and misdirected, can be transformed into a force for healing.

A key tool for restoring the Orders of Love in a client’s family system is Shavasti’s unique application of the Family Constellation method into what he now calls Movements of the Heart. We are fortunate and grateful to have this world-renowned facilitator at The Healing House. Please join us for this deeply connecting and liberating 3-day experience. 

Workshop participants may have the opportunity to experience their own personal work and serve as representatives in other participants’ personal work—an experience that is in itself powerful.

  • The 3 Full-Day Workshop Investment is $555 USD
  • Times:
    Aug. 4–6, Friday, Saturday and Sunday
    10 am–6 pm with lunch and breaks
  • Lodging (not included)
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  • Meals (not included)
    The Healing House is 1/2 block from Main Street with restaurants, shops, stores

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About Facilitator:

The revered teacher and author, Shavasti has a foundation in ancestral healing and family constellations. He is also known as the author John L. Payne and has written numerous books: The Healing of Individuals, Families and Nations, The Language of the Soul, The Presence of the Soul, Teachings from an Awakened Heart and Embracing the Power of Truth, all published through Findhorn Press in the U.S. and U.K. He has facilitated more than 500 workshops on six continents and has conducted more than 8,000 private sessions, with much of his rich experience being gained in post apartheid South Africa. He currently resides in the U.K. Learn more at

“His highest concern is for the deepest good for any and all who may be lucky enough to work with him either personally or professionally. He’s also a great author and I recommend his books for my trainings as he’s nothing short of “inspirational” on every level. Kudos to Shavasti at whatever he does and where ever he goes. Any and all clients are very lucky to have this international sensation work with him for their highest good.”

—Gary Stuart, Author of Many Hearts, One Soul; Los Angeles

YouTube: Ancestral Healing: Healing Our Inherited Stories – Family Constellations