When Sleeping Women Wake – Mountains Move

I received this Chinese proverb from a man in our spiritual community.  He was enacting what the Sacred Masculine is called to do at this time – to honor and be in service of the Divine Feminine.  My heart sang when I opened his email.  This is the opportunity and the task at hand; to awaken in order to empower.

A crucial part of this time is about waking up to feeling all that we have left ‘unfelt’;  to understand that the emotional body needs to be respected and mined for all it has to offer us.  Emotions are considered part of the feminine realm.  We have been taught by the patriarchy to staunch our emotions, to cut ourselves off from them.  This disrespecting of our feelings has left us dazed and confused, not being able to honor who we truly are and all we have to share with the world.  Emotions are simply energy expressing itself.  Energy in motion.  Cutting ourselves off from our emotions is a huge loss to ourselves and each other.

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