I awoke this morning feeling incredibly grateful for my life.  I felt so inspired by the movie, The Butler, I saw last night.  It’s the story of a beautiful man who served five presidents.  He lost one son to the war in Vietnam and almost lost another son to the domestic war waged during the times of desegregation.  It’s a moving portrayal of the courage it took to simply be African American.  I can’t speak to that as I am white.  All I can do is take in the story of the experiences of others with compassion and deepest respect.  I was surprised to find that the movie evoked feelings of great pride and satisfaction within me for the quiet revolution in which I am involved.  I was born to help bring balance and equanimity not between the races, but between the masculine and feminine energies.  I was born to fight for the rights of women, not by rallying around Washington, but by learning how to rally around myself as a female in this lifetime; and then help others to do so.

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