Did you know that water is a sentient being?  Water feels.  Water transmits.  It’s a conductor of energy.  The work of Dr. Masaru Emoto taught us alot about the beingness of water.  And so I ask you, what are you saying to the water in your world?  What are you communicating to the water in your body?  Our bodies are 75% water.  The water in our body hears our thoughts and responds to the quality of our thoughts.

The water in the bodies of our friends, family, coworkers responds to the words we say to them.  What are we saying to our children?  Are we saying loving things to ourselves and others?  Are we delivering life enhancing and inspiring messages?  What frequency or vibration do you want to impart to the water so it can transmit that frequency to the rest of the world?

Imagine the clouds receiving our feelings about them and then transmitting that feeling back to the earth via the rain that falls.  Imagine how powerful you are.  Everything you say, everything you think has an impact on the energetic matrix in which we live.  And the water of the world is just one of the conductors of your energy, your intention.

It can be challenging to understand how powerful we are.  Unworthiness corrupts our human condition.  And yet, through our healing practices we can shift out of the disempowerment of unworthiness into healthy deservingness and wholeness.  We can learn to say beautiful things to ourselves.  We can discipline our thoughts and our speech, just as we can discipline our eating habits and our exercise routine.

I invite you to drink a glass of water with gratitude, boil your pasta with joy, bring the frequency of appreciation to your plants every time you quench their thirst.   Make lemonade with the intention to cool any unresolved anger in your gut.  Let’s collaborate consciously with the element of water.  and intend to conduct ourselves with ease and grace.


    1. Sending you Love, Love, Love today, sister, Lauryn!
      What a bright light you are. What a blessing to our world!
      So glad we are in class together. I envison our paths crossing!
      Perhaps we will get to work together in the future!
      What a bright picture that creates!
      All is well. Eileen

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